Tired or fundraising the same way or looking to fundraise without the same old 5k, golf tournament, or gala? There are so many way to add a creative twist or new idea to stand out. Once and a while someone gives a twist on the usual. After all the 5ks, the Color Run set races apart. The Tough Mudder was for those looking for more than a race, but soon the Spartan and others followed suit.

The Ice Bucket Challenge swept the internet like nothing before it. The fundraising took off because it was easy to do and folks could easily donate and participate. It was so easy the campaign raised over 1 million dollars in just a short time.

In the fall we visited our old High School Gym (Liberty) to purchase our new mattress. That’s right- we went shopping for beds in our old school. The high school band took a break from hoagies, pizzas, and the norm and the % back to the students for each purchase was increased greatly.

My college alum Laura just let me know she has been raising lots of funding for organizations with group travel. The two ways to fundraise with travel is to raffle a trip and the second is for group travel. Your organization members and community get a relaxing vacation while you raise a high % towards your fundraising goal!

I do believe you need to start breaking the mold to strong fundraising impact. Get creative. If you are stuck on creative or new ways to fundraise let us help you stand out and earn more money for your organization.