So many people in the event world are running around with multiple balls in the air. Today I suggested an event date to my students and their response is how overwhelmed they are between school, work, internships, and events. I wish I could say it gets easier. It doesn’t.

My Event Planner & Marketing life is amazing. I love it. I love the highs. Hate the lows. I run from event to event often having 4-6 EVERY WEEK! That means planning events, putting events to bed, all the while juggling meetings, email, phone calls, and well…LIFE on a daily basis.

It never ends and the push continues. Yesterday I had a headache. It hurt. It hurt bad. I ran from task to task and finally stumbled into Starbucks for a Peach Green Tea Lemonade (My Fav!) for the caffeine when I ran into my former assistant event planner now amazing fitness guru. I almost didn’t see her since I was in a headache fog. Her statement was, “Sometimes you need to just stop. Make the choice to take time out.” She has no idea how right she was and it was something I needed to hear. Now, that doesn’t take away my epic to-do list just before a giant Grand Opening Saturday morning/afternoon and big Cigar Event Saturday night along with several other events. It does mean that maybe Monday morning I can take an extra 15 minutes to read the paper or finish an extra chapter in a guilty pleasure reading book…..if I can fit it in!!

In a crazy world plan time for you. Take time to relax and reboot. Join Kim Gorski (the above mentioned fitness guru) for yoga or another class, visit KrisAnn Albanese for a massage. Get your nails done. Read. Sleep an extra 10 minutes after the alarm. But let yourself enjoy some time if your body is telling you to take a break. When you are on an airplane the stewards tell you to put your oxygen mask on before helping others. Same rule applies here. If you are too burnt out to function, how are you really going to help others. Most of all….just BREATHE.