The Meaning of Christmas

With only a week until Christmas it has me reflecting on the industry of Events and Marketing.

Ads are pushing you to buy so many items for everyone you know. Your calendar is bursting with events, parties, and a to-do list that seems endless. Oh, and those in hospitality or emergency services that don’t even see the time off.

It’s time like this to stop and just enjoy the Christmas lights along with friends and family. It’s important not to feel pressured to spend more than you have or give more time that you can.

Remember, there is an entire year to be with those you care about, not just this month. It’s time to remember to breathe and remember the spirit of Christmas is what Christmas memories are made from.



It’s time again from a lesson from Disney. Beast from B&TB might have been gruff but none of his enchanted friends wandered off or gave up on him (did they have a choice really?). They stood by his side and weathered the storms because they knew who he really was deep inside.

There are leaders in the Valley that can truly bring people together. They can unite folks on a mission and get things done. One such person is Tina Smith. She inspires folks to get involved in organizations and causes because she sets a standard of success and fun. You know you will be treated with respect and the cause is worthwhile.

Unfortunately in the last year I have encountered some groups that are the opposite. Organizations or businesses led by people who have a history of no help surrounding them, who make themselves the victim, or think they are amazing when the reality is there is chaos all around them. The worst I’ve seen is one who is nationally fundraising with a series of unsuccessful events but still sets up events under the guise of fundraising and taking on investors. Each event gets a few supporters only to have a bust upon the event.

It’s been hard to not become cynical. To not spend too much time asking why I have gotten close enough to see the man/woman behind the curtain and others haven’t. I know I just need to keep moving forward and continue working toward building a company that people do want to support and be a part of. To build that network/team that stands along side me supporting me. Thankfully I have so many amazing role models in the Lehigh Valley and beyond to inspire me!