Leaders Who Lead

Recently I have attended very different meetings, one of which had amazing leadership. It really got me to thinking what is great leadership of a committee, board, or organization.

Belonging to and sitting on various Board & Committees I get to see many dynamics. I always respect those that step up and truly lead. They take the helm, oversee the financials and staff, ensure the organization is growing, and goals are being met. They listen to their members and are always ready to address issues no matter the difficulty of the situation.

Meetings that don’t provide written information to review in full, no opportunity for expression, and when the main topic for discussion is presented without the written materials needed to get it done at the meeting it doesn’t show organization or leadership.

One meeting was outstanding. I would be re-missed if I didn’t directly credit Denise Smith and Nanci Oakley from the State Theatre in Easton. We had a Freddy Preview Party committee meeting. (ask me about donating to our raffle, dessert room item, or attending!) They weren’t just prepared with agendas and things to address. They had all the associated data printed and ready for discussion and planning on each agenda items. Samples to show for new concepts. Nothing was waiting for more information unless it was a completely new topic brought up that morning. They knew what they wanted to address, gave respect and opportunity for everyone to present their ideas/thoughts, and maintained momentum and excitement for the event. To me, this was Fun-Nominal leadership to which I aspire.

Remember, as you step up it is not always going to be easy or perfect, and clearly not always smooth sailing. But visit what you think makes great leadership and try to put some of those aspects into practice. All organizations can always use more people stepping up and contributing to the leadership.