Engage Your Customers Today

Today with the global world at your fingertips it is easy to search online for the best deal, sale, or flashy eye-catching product or service. More than ever you need to stand out. You can’t keep lowering prices or you will start losing money. You will lose your mind trying to keep up with every competitor video, ad, and sale, One way to keep your customers and grow your base is brand loyalty.

Recognizing your customers and letting them know you are appreciative and aware of their use of your services. Not inviting them to hard sell the next best thing, but bringing them out for a fun time. I have watched a dealership invite their customers out for an annual party. No sales folks are working other than serving drinks, food, and running games. They are mingling and building personal relationships outside the normal “wheel-n-deal’ relationship. (pun intended.) Yes there are cars on the premises but that isn’t the focus at all. The customer and their families are the focus. They do receive calls the next few days about cars they saw that lead to sales but the important fact is the dealership has one of the best experiences with referral purchases and multi-generation purchases. If they grow up visiting and partying in a dealership and getting to know the staff you are comfortable and that is where they want to go to spend their money.

The take-away? Make your customers feel appreciated beyond something tied to a purchase and get to know them. Do it for the right reasons and the loyalty will build and in turn show you the return business you are looking to increase. While we can’t come together currently now is the time to find a way to connect online and plan for gatherings in the fall when we are ready to reconnect our relationships.

This Year Stand Out From the Crowd

Tired of using the same marketing as everyone else, doing the same thing and getting little to no results? Break out from the crowd and consider some non-traditional marketing.

Print, radio, and tv is successful and can be expensive. You need to know exactly who you want to reach and have a solid strategic plan to reach that audience. But you can complement that plan with lots of non-traditional marketing ideas to build up your strategy without hurting your budget. Special events (including open houses, mixers, progressive stop events, private events) contests, workshops, and online marketing campaigns can drive traffic, introduce new customers, and strengthen your brand to existing customers.

Don’t just do the same thing- stand out. Fun-Nominal Events and Marketing doesn’t just recommend the usual suspects. We strive to find affordable ways to reach your target audience and grow your business on a budget.

What the ####?

Have a new product or event and you want to get the word out? Often organizations will post with or without a boost and they sit hoping for a viral spread of their information. Or, the same organization creates hashtags that they think are clever but are original to just their post.

Clever hashtags are great. But don’t rely on just your company tag or creative tag. Use tags that make sense. Tag a holiday you are building around, event or festival, area you service, or popular trend to increase your online reach.

However, don’t discredit your post by tagging celebrities that are a stretch, an event you aren’t involved with, or something political that can divide your customer base. (unless of course you are a politically tied organization!)

If you don’t know what to hashtag, how to hashtag, or even what to post message us. We offer workshops on how to post and tag on your own up to and including handling the content posts and tags for your organization. We would love to assist in the growth of your online marketing.

Events Planners and Marketers- Are you a Mike Wazowski or James P. Sullivan

There are two kinds of marketing and event planners. The first are the Mike Wazowski’s or those that are happiest getting everything ready for their client (“Sully”) to succeed. Mike in the Disney movie “Monster’s Inc.” is always making sure Sully has everything he needs to succeed. He is there earlier and stays later ensuring his success. When it comes time for reward and celebration he is always behind the logo, seen only with his hand, etc. He doesn’t care because he has 100% excitement for Sully.
Sully has talent at scaring, in fact he is the top scarer in the business. He shows up, does his job, and is great at it. Sully graces the cover of magazines, posters, ads, etc. He understands and appreciates all that Mike does but always remains in the spotlight.

I am always amazed at the marketing company and event planner that wants to shine at every client event/function. The Fun-Nominal Event & Marketing viewpoint is that we are Mike Wazowski. We are happiest when are clients are in the spotlight shining and getting the full attention. We are excited when they win awards and host successful client and public events.
Our hope is that when you are considering outsourcing your event/marketing you add someone who wants to lift up your team and not just showcase themselves through your initiatives.