Because Things Don’t Always Go Right…

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of events. With a few breather days before the team is back and running from event to event. It sounds fun, but not everything is all FUN.

Two years at a particular event I left with plenty of back up time. I ended up stuck in a freight elevator with the Wells Fargo Wagon. The same event last year I spent an hour sitting on the bridge heading to AC because of an accident but then when I finally got to the location there was a fire alarm and it took even longer to get in and set up. This year, when the event was set up with plenty of time to spare we went to hang the TV to discover the plasma was broken. We had 50 minutes to run to a nearby Best Buy (20 mins each way) to buy the TV, switch the back mount, catch a freight elevator, and set up the video on the TV. I admit it was installed a few minutes after the trade show started but before too many people entered the show floor.

Now, I know I will have to do this event next year and I will again plan lots of prep time. You can’t control everything but you can control how you handle the situations. Things happen and you can’t avoid it but grace under pressure it a worthy goal.

When you hire a planner or consultant don’t only ask about their successes. Ask how they handle the bad that happens. It will tell you a lot more about who you want in your corner.