Finding the Right Fit For Everyone

Everyone organization faces the employee or volunteer with the unique personality. Like Dory they may have their quirks or challenged, but like her they may loyal, passionate, and helpful.

Find the right fit. Find a place where they shine and are able to use their talents. Especially when man hours are tight don’t loose good help just by refusing to see what might work.

Example 1- I worked with a volunteer who was extremely social. Sitting behind a table selling tickets didn’t work for either of us. Customers had to wait for her to chitchat and she didn’t like the frustration of being “stuck” in one place. After talking about the event we found that being a shuttle host was a much better fit. She got to talk to everyone and share her enthusiasm for the event.

Example 2- A few years back a local business lost a long term employee with special needs due to a new hiring process. Their position didn’t exist but the business knew the tasks he performed were good for the company. The HR firm didn’t know the history or see the fit so they didn’t keep the employee. Both the individual and the community were hurt. Once the HR firm saw what they did, the employee refused to return even after the mistake was caught.

Just like the expression a round peg in a round hole is true but with a job and hiring know you might just be able to bend to an oval hole and peg. Keep an open mind, be flexible, and hire the best candidates to fit the needs you have despite any quirks or challenge you might find.

(PS- Not every person has a fit. Sometimes it JUST doesn’t work )