The Glitch- a Tale of Vanellope Von Schweetz

Since “Monsters, Inc.” was such a hit we are continuing with “Wreck-It Ralph.” First, if you haven’t seen this movie it is cute and fun and the sequel is coming out soon.
Vanellope is a great character. While it is not her fault her character is the victim of faulty video game code that makes her affected by the game glitch. The video game racers who play “Sugar Crush” soon learn that when there is a game glitch Vanellope actually helps them win the game. They may not choose her as their game character at first but after they discover her glitch advantage she becomes their go-to character.
In events you can often find a glitch. The weather. No-show vendor. Wrong item from a vendor. Venue issue where you need to move/shut down. It happens and sometimes it is out of your hands. It is how you handle the glitch that makes you successful.
I am happy to say that we handle the glitch for our events, our client events, and a whole heap of emergency phone calls from others running events about their glitches. From ice cream trucks cancelling at a corporate picnic and pinch hitting a freezer, ice cream, and toppings from The Bethlehem Dairy Store (Thanks TBDS!), providing large drum fans for the Fire Dept, during a fire, to modifying a venue after a gas explosion.

After hundreds of events we keep learning so that when you have your glitch- we can help get you to your event finish line.