The Holiday Season Hustle & Bustle

Everything seems like it moves faster the closer the calendar gets into Dec. 25th. The normal work and home life gets filled with cooking, baking, shopping, wrapping, photo taking, and so much more. I hear time again and time again how busy everyone is.

Then there are the folks in hospitality- the event planners. We wear numerous hats every day. Want to go to that company Christmas party? We spend our time not just picking out an outfit but perfecting the menu, securing rsvps, decor, entertainment, and take-home gifts. If event planners weren’t busy enough- I have noticed how good planners often also fall into the “other duties as assigned” category. This holiday season aside from the normal tree lightings, fundraisers, stuffed animal clinics, Christmas parties, grand openings, for me the extras this season have added some unique projects to the Fun-Nominal plate. So….Remember- as you are busily attending sales, special meals at your favorite restaurant, checking into your hotel, and/or attending a party be extra nice to the planners and hospitality staff who are doing all the normal holiday bustle but also bustling to make your holiday season the merriest ever.