What Slow Season?

The last three months have been busy! If you know me you hear me say January -March is my slow season. Well just the last few weeks we helped produce a fundraising auction 2/28 at the beautiful Ambre Studio in Bethlehem, assisted in logistics for the YMCA Prom Dress pop-up shop, March 3rd was the BFKS Bowl For Kids’ Sake with over 800 bowlers, in-house private corporate events, and this week a Phantom’s Game promo, and more private events. Somehow, my slow season has vanished.

It’s exciting to be planning Northampton County’s first festival in May, a private 180th celebration for a company, a grand opening for the new location of Kaplan’s Enterprises, and about 250 other events this year. We are very thankful for all the events that we are working on.

That’s just events! Blogs, e-newsletters, social media posting, social media strategy, videos, and digital marketing classes are booming. Fun-Nominal Marketing is well, Fun-Nominal.

Fun-Nominal Holidays had their first season and will soon be announcing their summer, fall, and Christmas packages! Plus- get ready to hear all about Fun-Nominal Impact. What’s Impact? Stay tuned to find out.

If you are looking to celebrate an occasion, recognize your customers with an appreciation event, or have a product or promotion that needs attention in the digital market we at Fun-Nominal Group are here to help.