Taking the Chance & Coming Back Again and Pluto

A lot of us are toying with new ideas, new business opportunities, and completely new directions. We all talk about them and look for encouragement when really we all need to, in the words of NIKE, “Just Do It”.

Without sounding like a veritable fortune cookie there are so many “Just Do It”, “You Can’t Succeed If You Don’t Try”, “Every Accomplishment Starts with the Decision to Try, and of course Disney with “Keep Moving Forward”.

Why are there so many quotes? Because we are all afraid to take the next step. What if I fail? What will people think? At the end of the day you need to stop the questioning and think what if I succeed and what will think of my accomplishments?

Then there are the second chances. The reopening of a business. Opening a second business when the first one doesn’t make it. Sometimes things just don’t work and it’s beyond your control. If you know you are filling a need, have a customer base, and can do the work. DO IT.

Take Pluto. Pluto hung out as the smallest planet. Pluto was fine doing his thing when he was declassified. Pluto didn’t stop spinning or leave the universe. People cheered for Pluto and is sounds like it is making a comeback to planet status.

Taking the next step is hard and scary. I’m sure Lilly Disney wasn’t keen on her husband buying swamp land, mortgaging his successes for a film studio. I’ve never made a leap that great (yet?) but we all need to try.

When you take your next step, take it with Fun-Nominal Events & Marketing. We would be happy to help you with initial marketing, grand openings, and a continued marketing strategy to fulfillment. We are here waiting to hear about your next adventure!