Message As If The World Is Watching

Now more than ever your company and organization’s brand are being tested. Your logo, images, messages, and how you treat your customers & staff is being evaluated. We are facing uncharted times with everyone figuring out if they are essential/non-essential and how to stay safe.

There are companies like the State Theatre of Easton that closed gracefully keeping the public and staff safe. They are working to postpone for the future and send us good morale community messaging. Their Facebook page has become a go to for feel-good posts and videos about the Arts.

Kitchen Magic followed the decision to close and helped their staff navigate what it means to be separated. They even have a family (Employee) Facebook group page to stay friends/connected. They have launched a video to feel good about the time spent in your kitchen now especially, and over the years. No sales – just warm fuzzies. (Give it a watch –

Facebook has posted a video about reconnecting when the time comes but the importance of seeing faces. Clearly about their product but never mentioning their services.

Kaplan’s Enterprises (Kaplan Awnings) is open with waiver but is paying their staff to make masks for first responders and medical personnel. To date they have donated over 750 masks working hard to keep the community safe.

Then there are other companies. Tales of forcing to make employees working in unsafe environments or quit/be fired. Overstaffing departments and unnecessarily crowding instead of making the smart business decision to part temporarily with staff.

When this comes to and end and we return to whatever will be the new norm who will you do business with? The company that helped feed your family. Cared for their employees? Gave back to the community? Will you avoid companies that treated their employees unsafely?

Let us know if we can help you with your online messaging and brainstorm strategy for your business during these strange times.

Taking the Chance & Coming Back Again and Pluto

A lot of us are toying with new ideas, new business opportunities, and completely new directions. We all talk about them and look for encouragement when really we all need to, in the words of NIKE, “Just Do It”.

Without sounding like a veritable fortune cookie there are so many “Just Do It”, “You Can’t Succeed If You Don’t Try”, “Every Accomplishment Starts with the Decision to Try, and of course Disney with “Keep Moving Forward”.

Why are there so many quotes? Because we are all afraid to take the next step. What if I fail? What will people think? At the end of the day you need to stop the questioning and think what if I succeed and what will think of my accomplishments?

Then there are the second chances. The reopening of a business. Opening a second business when the first one doesn’t make it. Sometimes things just don’t work and it’s beyond your control. If you know you are filling a need, have a customer base, and can do the work. DO IT.

Take Pluto. Pluto hung out as the smallest planet. Pluto was fine doing his thing when he was declassified. Pluto didn’t stop spinning or leave the universe. People cheered for Pluto and is sounds like it is making a comeback to planet status.

Taking the next step is hard and scary. I’m sure Lilly Disney wasn’t keen on her husband buying swamp land, mortgaging his successes for a film studio. I’ve never made a leap that great (yet?) but we all need to try.

When you take your next step, take it with Fun-Nominal Events & Marketing. We would be happy to help you with initial marketing, grand openings, and a continued marketing strategy to fulfillment. We are here waiting to hear about your next adventure!

The New Buzz Word- Networking

It seems everyone is talking about networking. And of course they are- it is ESSENTIAL for your business. Getting to meet new people, new businesses, and new opportunities.

There is an old adage that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. You can sit in your business and hope someone new walks through the door or the phone rings but what are you doing to instigate the action?

Of course marketing is key- social media, emails, ads, etc (we can help!) but getting out of your business and networking is important too. No one can sell our business like you can so start representing it to new audiences. Even if you are just attending one or two functions a month make time to grow your business.

Now, there are people who attend multiple networking groups and functions a week and to that I say “Kudos” but how are you getting any work done if you are always meeting new people? The goal is to meet one or two people at each event who have growth opportunities which you can follow up with properly. If you are not finding good leads it may not be the right group for your business.

Looking for networking events to attend or tips to get more out of your networking? Send us a message and we would be happy to send you some upcoming networking events and resources.

What the ####?

Have a new product or event and you want to get the word out? Often organizations will post with or without a boost and they sit hoping for a viral spread of their information. Or, the same organization creates hashtags that they think are clever but are original to just their post.

Clever hashtags are great. But don’t rely on just your company tag or creative tag. Use tags that make sense. Tag a holiday you are building around, event or festival, area you service, or popular trend to increase your online reach.

However, don’t discredit your post by tagging celebrities that are a stretch, an event you aren’t involved with, or something political that can divide your customer base. (unless of course you are a politically tied organization!)

If you don’t know what to hashtag, how to hashtag, or even what to post message us. We offer workshops on how to post and tag on your own up to and including handling the content posts and tags for your organization. We would love to assist in the growth of your online marketing.

Events Planners and Marketers- Are you a Mike Wazowski or James P. Sullivan

There are two kinds of marketing and event planners. The first are the Mike Wazowski’s or those that are happiest getting everything ready for their client (“Sully”) to succeed. Mike in the Disney movie “Monster’s Inc.” is always making sure Sully has everything he needs to succeed. He is there earlier and stays later ensuring his success. When it comes time for reward and celebration he is always behind the logo, seen only with his hand, etc. He doesn’t care because he has 100% excitement for Sully.
Sully has talent at scaring, in fact he is the top scarer in the business. He shows up, does his job, and is great at it. Sully graces the cover of magazines, posters, ads, etc. He understands and appreciates all that Mike does but always remains in the spotlight.

I am always amazed at the marketing company and event planner that wants to shine at every client event/function. The Fun-Nominal Event & Marketing viewpoint is that we are Mike Wazowski. We are happiest when are clients are in the spotlight shining and getting the full attention. We are excited when they win awards and host successful client and public events.
Our hope is that when you are considering outsourcing your event/marketing you add someone who wants to lift up your team and not just showcase themselves through your initiatives.