Message As If The World Is Watching

Now more than ever your company and organization’s brand are being tested. Your logo, images, messages, and how you treat your customers & staff is being evaluated. We are facing uncharted times with everyone figuring out if they are essential/non-essential and how to stay safe.

There are companies like the State Theatre of Easton that closed gracefully keeping the public and staff safe. They are working to postpone for the future and send us good morale community messaging. Their Facebook page has become a go to for feel-good posts and videos about the Arts.

Kitchen Magic followed the decision to close and helped their staff navigate what it means to be separated. They even have a family (Employee) Facebook group page to stay friends/connected. They have launched a video to feel good about the time spent in your kitchen now especially, and over the years. No sales – just warm fuzzies. (Give it a watch –

Facebook has posted a video about reconnecting when the time comes but the importance of seeing faces. Clearly about their product but never mentioning their services.

Kaplan’s Enterprises (Kaplan Awnings) is open with waiver but is paying their staff to make masks for first responders and medical personnel. To date they have donated over 750 masks working hard to keep the community safe.

Then there are other companies. Tales of forcing to make employees working in unsafe environments or quit/be fired. Overstaffing departments and unnecessarily crowding instead of making the smart business decision to part temporarily with staff.

When this comes to and end and we return to whatever will be the new norm who will you do business with? The company that helped feed your family. Cared for their employees? Gave back to the community? Will you avoid companies that treated their employees unsafely?

Let us know if we can help you with your online messaging and brainstorm strategy for your business during these strange times.